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Allergy Bedding is Step 1 in Fighting Dust Mite Allergies

After finding out you suffer from allergies it’s important that you don’t let this problem overwhelm you. There are many ways you can prevent these allergens from taking over your life. The first step in keeping your allergies under control is by covering your bed, pillows and box spring with dust mite proof allergy bedding.


Dust mites are one of the main sources to allergic reactions and they are most comfortable in your bedding. Dust mites produce about 10 -20 waste droppings each day which carry different proteins that cause allergic reactions like puffy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and asthma attacks.


Allergy bedding covers are always the first thing an allergist recommends after being diagnosed with allergies. The best covers are effective against dust mites, bed bugs, pollen, pet dander and many more allergens. The mattress and pillow covers are cool, breathable and easy to maintain therefore, assuring you a good night’s rest.


Allergy bedding comes in different sizes, depth and fabrics. Some of the fabrics that are available at are AllergyCare Linen, Bed Bug Stretch Knit, Allersoft Blend, Pristine Luxury, AllergyCare100% Cotton and AllergyCare 100% Organic Cotton.


All of our covers give 100% protection against dust mites, pet dander and many more allergens. These covers are unique and different in their own way but they all guarantee you great rest with little worry about bugs or mites.


Linen is made with 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester and Bed Bug mattress covers is made with 100% stretch knit polyester. Though they differ in fabric they both have something in common, they have urethane membrane. The membrane that is fused into the fabric to create a barrier where no liquid can get through therefore keeping the mattress stain-free, this type of bedding is typically ideal for parents with small children.


The Pristine Luxury, AllergyCare Blend, 100% Cotton and the Organic Cotton are all membrane free and have small pore-sizes that prevent the dust-mites from getting through to you. Pristine Luxury has a pore size of 2.8 microns making it the fabric with the smallest pore size in the industry; great allergy bedding for someone with allergies.


The importance of allergen bedding is to prevent dust mites and bed bugs from feeding off of your dead skin and setting off your allergies. There are many more steps to making sure your home is allergy-proof but allergy bedding is the best place to start. The bedding is covered by a lifetime warranty so you are guaranteed a great product that can help towards your allergies.


Do your allergies prevent you from traveling and exploring the world? Well just because you have allergies does not mean the fun has to stop. Allergy bedding mattress covers are available with zippers and as well as a fitted style. If you’re bouncing from city to city your fitted cover can always come along and protect you no matter where you are. We always travel with extra pillow encasings just to be safe. Life doesn’t have to stop after you finding out you suffer from allergies.


Wishing you the best of health

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