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Do Dust Mite Covers Really Work

The simplest answer to that question is YES!


The effectiveness of using dust mite covers in reducing dust mite allergens is one of the few things we can get most of the doctors we deal with to agree on. A well constructed dust mite cover on the mattress and pillows will stop the majority of the allergens.


A mattress can have anywhere from a few hundred thousand dust mites to several million dust mites living in it. Dust mites like dark and damp places which is why your mattress and pillows are their favorite breeding place. They just dig in and set up house. Keep in mind, a live dust mite is just as bad as a dead one. The dust mite allergens are composed of its feces and body parts. Live ones poop and dead ones fall apart.


Dust mite covers serve two purposes. First a mattress or pillow that is covered with the specialized dust mite covers keeps the dust mite away from their food source, our dead skin and dander. No food means they will end up starving to death. We have had some customers who think this is cruel but I think it’s better they starve than me waking up feeling all stuffed up.


The second purpose a dust mite cover serves is it keeps the dust mite allergens, feces and body parts, in the mattress and out of the air. Imagine a cloud of microscopic dust mite allergens bursting into the air every time you roll around or sit on the bed. You can’t see this cloud but it is there. Now think about every breath you take and all the dust mite allergens that come with it.


Keep the allergens out of the air and you won’t have that problem.


Once the mattress, pillows and box springs have been covered with zippered or fillted dust mite covers you have eliminated 98% of the problem. The remaining dust mite allergens are controlled by washing the sheets and other bedding regularly in hot water or with the DeMite or Allersearch Allergen Wash laundry care products.


Now we do get customers that want to know why they can’t just spray their mattress with an insecticide or poison to kill the mites and/or bed bugs instead of using a dust mite mattress cover. We have actually heard of some pest control companies that recommend this as a solution. Think about that for a second. Why would anyone want to sleep on or breathe poison while they are sleeping? Not Me.


We recommend, and so do most allergy doctors, to just cover your bed with a quality dust mite cover and sleep better knowing you have done the best thing you can do for you and your family.


For 20 plus years the Allergy Store has carried one of if not the largest selection of dust mite covers available. Many of our covers also offer protection for bed bugs.


More information on our selection of dust mite covers.

Wishing you the best of health
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