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How Do Bed Bug Covers Work

How do bed bug covers work and will the keep them out of my apartment? We get this question several times a week so I will tell you what we tell our customers.


A bed bug cover completely encases the mattress, box springs or pillow. There are lots of different ones in the market. Some work great and some are just trash. Just because they are selling it for $140 bucks does not make it any more effective than the $60 dollar one.


As I said, the cover must fully encase the item, top, bottom and sides. The cover must be made of a material that a bed bug can not chew through or get their feeding tube through. Our bed bug covers are made with the 100% stretch knit fused to a urethane membrane which makes them bed bug proof. The cover must also have a small tooth zipper and well sewn seams. Ours have an internal flap design and a special tape flap for the zipper closure.


When you put the bed bug cover on the mattress you have cut the bed bug off from their food source, blood. Think of them as little vampires. This may sound gross but they will end up starving to death the problem is it can take well over a year for them to die. A cover will keep the ones already in the bedding from getting out and any new ones from getting in.


The second part of the question is "will they keep them out of my apartment" No!


Once you get bed bugs in your apartment you will have to do some heavy duty cleaning. A bed bug will hide in bed rails, dressers, base molding, carpet, chairs and every other nook and cranny they can get into. We have written several other articles about bed bugs and how to best deal with them so please take a minute to read them. They are listed below.


There is a lot of misleading information on the web about bed bugs. What they are, where they live, how to kill them and how to keep them from spreading. There is no quick fix. Nothing will keep them from every getting into your home. The truth is bed bugs are becoming a bigger problem in the US and I believe the problem will only get bigger.


Here are a couple of other articles we written.



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