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Got Bed Bugs

How do you get bed bugs? It’s not as straightforward an answer as you might think. People tend to assume that bed bugs result from a poorly maintained home or shabby living conditions, but that’s actually not true. It can be just as possible to find the tiny pests in a five star hotel as a rundown house. Bed bugs actually have no connection to dirt whatsoever.


The simple truth is that bed bugs go where the food is, and in their case, that food is blood. So they can crop up anywhere where they have ready access to warm blooded creatures such as humans. Their feeding habits are also what lead them to make their homes in mattresses, box springs and pillows, since they feed at night and during the night that’s where the food can be found.


Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are and how clean your home is, you can still end up with a bed bug problem. You can pick them up when you travel or when someone comes to visit. People were bringing them home from movie theaters and well know retail stores.


Bed bugs can live for a very long time, so it is easy for them to crawl into a tiny space and stay there without ever being detected. If that space is inside a mattress, a sofa, or even a suitcase, they can easily be transported from one place to another.


Another common characteristic of the bed bug is its ability to reproduce rapidly. One female can lay several hundred eggs in her lifetime, so just one or two bugs entering into your home can quickly turn into an infestation. And because bed bugs are so tiny, you may not realize you have a problem until you start waking up in the morning covered in bites.


So now that you have an answer to how do you get bed bugs, what can you do to avoid an infestation? Start by being very careful when bringing any kind of upholstered furniture, particularly mattresses, into your home. Check them thoroughly to make sure they are clean and avoid picking up those freebies you see out at the curb because you could be bringing uninvited guests into your home with them.


One of the best ways to prevent bed bugs from becoming a problem is to cover your mattress, box spring and pillows in bed bug proof mattress and pillow covers. These specially designed covers are made from fabric designed specifically to stop bed bugs from getting in or out of your mattress. Once you slip them on, any bed bugs inside will be trapped and die.


Of course keeping your bed and bedding clean at all times can certainly help. If nothing else, it will be easier for you to detect any traces of bed bugs on a clean surface. If you’re asking how do you get bed bugs, chances are you already have a problem. Either way, steam cleaning, vacuuming and protecting your bed with bed bug covers is a proven method for fighting back.


Bed bugs can be almost impossible to avoid, but you can take steps to minimize problems and prevent future outbreaks if you act quickly and take precautions. Don’t let your family fall victim to this tiny scourge, make your home bed bug free and keep it that way with protective bed covers!


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