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Is Homework Keeping Your Child From Sleeping Right

Is Homework Keeping Your Child From Sleeping Right

Quality sleep and homework may sound like an unusual combination, but the two actually have a distinct connection. These days, as more and more teachers give lengthy homework assignments, the need to carve out time to complete them can take away from time needed for sleeping. And that is a more serious issue than you might think, as kids need more sleep to function properly than adults do.

Sleep is an important part of everyone’s life cycle. The body needs at least 8 hours to recharge its batteries. Without that downtime, stress can take a real toll on your health, leaving you lacking in energy and unable to get through your day. Lack of sleep can also lead to poor eating habits and other health-related issues.

Younger children have an easier time falling asleep, so even with increased amounts of homework to deal with sleep isn’t usually a problem for them. It becomes an issue when puberty hits and begins interfering with the body’s natural rhythms. This is when quality sleep and homework can come to a crossroads and create a real dilemma.

Because kids’ schedules tend to become more hectic as they get older, with sports and other extracurricular activities and sometimes even a part-time job all eating up precious blocks of time, getting the right amount of sleep can become a real challenge. When you go from school to an after-school activity and then have to come home and spend half the night doing homework it can be hard to get enough sleep.

In order to ease the connection between quality sleep and homework, there are many steps you and your child can take. While you can’t control the amount of homework teachers assign, you can urge your child to get it done as quickly as possible rather than putting it off to the last minute, when it may become necessary to pull an “all-nighter” to complete it.

You can also try your best to make sure that every member of your household gets to bed at a reasonable hour and eases into sleep the right way. This means unplugging from those electronic devices, making their room dark and quiet and making sure the lights are out at a specified time every night. You can even encourage them to try relaxation techniques like yoga and stretching or have them take certain herbal supplements to encourage proper sleep habits.

Being aware of the connection between quality sleep and homework is the first step. Aside from taking the proper approach to getting a good night’s sleep, you can also help by ensuring that your child is getting a balanced diet. The better their nutrition, the more capable they’ll be of handling everything they have to do in a day.

Childhood, and particularly adolescence, can be a very stressful time of life and one of the best ways to beat that stress is by getting enough sleep. Don’t let your child become so bogged down by homework and other responsibilities that she loses precious hours of sleep. Those hours can make a big difference to her health,

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