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Sleep & Beyond

Sleep & Beyond was founded in 1992 by two brothers, Sardór and Sarvár, who immigrated from Kyrgyzstan. Since the beginning they have been making some of the finest wool bedding in the world. To this day, they believe that wool and cotton are the best fibers to sleep on and it shows in every piece they make.

Why wool? Wool is a natural insulator, keeping you warm and comfortable all night. Plus, wool is hypoallergenic and actually resists molds and mildews. It’s also breathable and lightweight, creating a comfortable, supportive sleeping environment. Some studies suggest that wool’s natural resiliency & conforming properties can actually soothe ailments?

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  • Sleep & Beyond Organic Wool Comforter

    6 Review(s)
    From: $149.00
  • myWoolly™ Washable Wool Pillow

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    From: $119.00
  • Sleep & Beyond Organic Cotton Pillow Case

    2 Review(s)
    From: $34.99
  • Sleep & Beyond Waterproof Mattress Pad

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    From: $139.00
  • Sleep & Beyond Wool Mattress Pads

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    From: $229.00
  • Organic Merino Wool Mattress Topper

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    From: $279.00
  • Organic Cotton Sheet Sets

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    From: $149.00
  • Sleep & Beyond Washable Wool Comforters

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    From: $129.00
  • myWoolly™ Wool Pillow Case

    From: $45.00
  • Organic Cotton Fitted Sheets

    From: $77.00

10 Item(s)

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Why do you want Sleep & Beyond bedding on your bed?



♦ S&B™ is the “Top 3 Best Wool Bedding Brands” in North America.

♦ Only the finest and purest nature created raw materials, such as organic Merino wool, natural Shropshire wool, and organic and natural cotton, are used to create    each of their master pieces.

♦ Sleep & Beyond raise thier own Merino sheep in the mountainous lands of Kyrgyz Republic, which produce superfine organic wool for myMerino collection.

♦ Sleep & Beyond considers it selves to be a fair trade employer by paying fair wages to thier factory workers and never involving child labor.

♦ Sleep & Beyond products are tested to be free of arsenic, VOC’s and other carcinogenic chemicals.

♦ Sleep & Beyond products carry the most stringent certifications (USDA Organic, Oeko TEX, Woolmark, and GOTS)  


By purchasing Sleep & Beyond bedding, you support many local economies around the world, protect the environment from pollution, promote balanced eco system and prolong your health.